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Are Breathing Exercises Really Useful For Asthmatics

Asthma is a very painful disease and in some extreme cases can also turn out to be fatal. Asthma can take hold of males even before puberty and rate is higher in females after puberty. Apart from medications, another very popular treatment for this excruciating disease is the various breathing exercises. But the biggest question is that whether these treatments are really useful to alleviate pain caused by asthma.

Are Breathing Exercises Really Useful For Asthmatics-Planet Fitness 24

Facts about breathing exercises:

The utility of these breathing exercises for the asthma patients is still a matter of hot debate among many physicians. However, according to a recently concluded study, it is actually the different breathing techniques that make actual difference. Some of these techniques are really very effective for subjugating asthma while there is no concrete proof that others can do the same.

Best breathing exercises for asthma:

The most widely used exercises among breathing techniques is the hyperventilation-reduction techniques. One of such methods is commonly known as the Butekyo Method in which patients are advised to breathe extremely slowly with shallow intake of air when they experience severe asthma attack. The researchers found that there are sufficient evidences to determine that this particular technique is actually very beneficial for asthmatics. It considerably helps to improve the condition and also reduces the intake of daily puffs of reliever medications by 1.5 to 2.5 puffs per day.

Effectiveness of other techniques:

Many other techniques like yoga breathing exercises were also studied upon. Yoga exercises are supposed to ameliorate asthma and to diminish Major Low Testosterone Symptoms. However, no supporter of Yoga exercises has been able to bring anything in support of these rather difficult exercises at times. Just like yoga, another well known method that is inspirational exercises has not been able to prove its worth to the scientists yet. Some yoga exercises do seem to be beneficial like deep breathing through nose with extended inhaling. But problem is that most of the votes for yoga come from India where yoga is much more common than in USA and sometimes considered as a part of religion as well.

However, those asthmatics who want to garner the benefits of yoga must find a professional and experienced yoga instructor to get best out of their experience.

Bottom line of the article is that some breathing exercises are really useful for asthma. However, many others are just waste of time and energy and in some cases escalate the problem instead of curing it.

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